Thursday, June 2, 2011

BENSON CHEN - those heels are mine

Last Sunday, i went to Benson Chen 's shoe boutique at The Twelve located at Ground Floor of Fahrenheit 88, Bukit Bintang to claim my prize. Yes, courtesy Mifa Malaysia and Benson Chen. 
Benson Chen-a new shoe brand that you might wanna check out
So who is Benson Chen? Haven't you heard? 

Orait first and foremost, this talented 19 year old are not new in this industry. He already making names by achieving few awards such as:
- Most Creative Design in the Malaysia Footwear Competition 2010
-1st Prize for Ladies Fashion Shoe Design in the Malaysian Footwear Competition 2010
- 2nd Runner Up for Lady’s Boots Design in the International Footwear Competition 2010

Benson Chen is one of the best Malaysian footwear designers based in Kuala Lumpur. He is best known for founding Benson Chen brand as young as 19 years old that became known for its hand-made women's footwear. Benson Chen was born in Penang, Malaysia. He made his first shoe when he was 17 years old as trial and error until he started accepting order as custom made footwear for his clients. His craftsmanship and designs were soon noticed by the public and invited to join Malaysia Fashion Week, local and international footwear competitions.
His shoes collection are stunning and gorgeous..
Best of all he is indeed the young protege of the King of Fashionable Shoes, Dato Jimmy Choo. 

Well..ahem ahem. to own one of his shoe collection is simply Delightful!. Thanks to The Twelve by Mifa and Benson himself!
First i tried this stunning yellow with wicked studs
It fits in perfectly and oh so comfortable..but
hrmmm..i kinda like this piece coz it is easier to match with my dresses for events. and it grips like a glove
the voucher are put to good use
oh spoilt for choices...Benson Chen..why? hahaha..decision decision
So finally i chose my ideal heels..the box are classic!..

finally those heels are mine
gorgeous arent they?

His shoes price range from RM149 to RM349..go and get yourself one before he goes international..coz well..the price might hike up soon. :) 

Thank you to all lovely people of MIFA, The Twelve and Benson Chen..I'm now officially a proud owner of Benson Chen's heels.

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