Sunday, June 5, 2011

Thank you Bernama TV & Krispy Kreme

I was searching for an orphanage kids last week through internet as I had decided to give away 2 dozens (both my mum and I won 1 dozen each) of yummylicious Krispy Kreme from Bernama Tv facebook page. Orait, as some of the address and link are broken in their website,decided to search on our own..yeah we asked around and finally we found out about Rumah Kebajikan Kanak-Kanak Yatim Mary at Air Panas Setapak. It was formerly known as Santuary Care Centre.

The centre runs by Mr Mathews and his wife, Mrs Malar, where it was founded by the late Rev. Dr. Mary Rayappan. There are about 48 orphanage kids range from 6-18 years old where the boys and girls stay at 2 separate houses side by side. Currently they are living their life by faith and support from collecting recycle items. 
Krispy Kreme at Berjaya Times Square
So off we went to Berjaya TimesSquare to redeem the 2 dozens of Krispy Kreme for this week. 
Fresh from the shelf...smells really GOOD!!!
Told the staff to get us the signature flavors, so there 24 different colours and taste are picked!
Ms Malar and I. cant really recall why we are laughing..but one thing for sure, I was feeling happy inside out. :)
Anyway the place are quite crowded so most of their stuff are shared with limited spaces
Kitchen area.
The living hall. most furniture were donated by good Samaritans, some are from recycles items
Office room
The kids are being taught to be independent at young age. They help each other and love to share
I couldn't be more thankful to both Bernama Tv and Krispy Kreme, because it has given me an opportunity to share it with them. Hope the kids will love those donuts. :) Next week, I'm coming again. :) 

They really need your help to continue living their daily life and i hope everyone could contribute in any form of items (clothes, money, stationery, books, magazine, food etc to the centre. 
For those who wish to visit and contribute anything, please feel free to contact Ms Malar at 016-623 9235 or Mr Mathews 016-687 7220
The address of the centre are as stated below:
Pertubuhan Kebajikan Anak Yatim Mary
No 73, Jalan Ayer Panas Baharu,
Air Panas, 53200 Setapak KL
Hong Leong Bank : 05100070045
Email :

Thank you and God Bless You.

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