Monday, June 27, 2011

YTL Tembok Bali - Paradise Day 2

How do you feel waking up in an environment like this -if not everyday at least for a day? Simply indescribably feeling. 
one hand holding the camera and another holding a glass of chilled orange juice..aaaahhhh

The bursting energy of peacefulness are not only everywhere to be seen but to be felt, effortlessly. I must admit, my brain are in the verge of massive influx of inspiration while i admire the beauty of this paradise..YTL TEMBOK BALI...

Rise and shine..its time for breakfast at Wantilan Restaurant 
Yummylicious breakkie and boy i was stuffed!
 We taste only fresh food as it was prepared with love. Its not only made using natural ingredients but the staff can actually recommend and explain to us based on our food liking. Hendra and Adry were really good and their warm hospitality makes us feel like home. Hendra even bought cendol from nearby stall for us and we only found out after Adry told us as he was off duty for his birthday that day. We couldn't be more thankful for the added service value by your staff. Adry also shared some of interesting stories in YTL Tembok since he started working there. Witnessing dolphins and whale by the shore (we were shocked to know that! makes us want to come back and see it for ourselves) They always come to each guest tables and ask if they could offer anything. very pleasing and helpful. Highly recommend both of them for promotion. :)
Breakfast are served
After scrumptious breakfast, i joined some of their activities scheduled for all guests on daily basis. They cater from weaving, cooking class, Lontar, YOGA, jamu making and many mores. There would not be any dull moment here.

Let's try some weaving of the activities after breakfast
I probably lost my sense of creativity as the only weaving i know is to weave ketupat..but that was like ages ago when i was staying in kampung. But it sure bring back some memories reflections.
Chilling on a hammock
Next activity spa and spa therapist will explain before doing what she does best
Fresh and natural ingredients used..i feel super fresh after that
i was the only one tried this LONTAR activities. drawing on a palm tree.and i took it back as a souvenier..hehehe
some drawing skills here
The spa therapy took almost 50 minutes..with the soothing music background, I could easily doze off in relaxation.

Its time to relax by the swimming pool
as i am resting peacefully here, one of the staff will get us to try the a energy booster.

so serene and peaceful here

walk by the beach..notice the black sand..yup..its the black sand sea

swimming has been breeze..the water is pretty chill
Gym facilities

some artwork painting by the staff and guests

little detailed thing like this added the decor of this place.
like a postman, Hendra passing some items to the boat man

Wait for my next post on meeting the locals at the nearby fishing village and enjoying my fetish on witnessing the sunset.

This trip were made possible by GUARDIAN MALAYSIA at YTL TEMBOK BALI.

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