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History Unfold, Heritage Discovered! Little India, Klang

Have you ever wonder what is it like to be in a world of black and white? Personally, I can't imagine myself being in such a depressing or should I put it in a nicer word as limited opportunities zone. You see, I grew up in an environment with beautiful abundance of culture, tradition and custom. Being half Chinese and half Indian in my blood plus not forgetting the influence of Malay community in my kampung has somewhat exude fascinating childhood with the envy of many. I am blessed to be able to speak, hear, taste, witness and touch the diversify of our languages, heritage, food, festival celebration, history with peace and happiness in my humble hometown. Well ..if you are always up for new discoveries then read on because this is My Selangor Story Day 2!

Saturday 26th Jan, after a good night rest, waking up was simply pleasant and ease at this 4-star class, Premiere Hotel. Another brand new day with another new discoveries and exploration to be learnt today! So after freshen up, we head down to lobby for breakfast. The buffet spread is nothing but great, clean and fresh food. As I mentioned earlier, this is definitely not a place for those who are on a strict diet. haha..Anyway thumbs up for the wonderful and accommodating staff of Premier Hotel. Highly recommend if you are looking for good place to rest, sleep, unwind and feast!
fresh food..ready to feast!
bye for now Premiere Hotel..till we meet again!


The itinerary in our power pack today is Klang Heritage Tour! So today, all 20 of us with the assistant of Ms Chai and tour guide Hj Safri and of course our bus driver, En Ramli will be heading to Klang town to discover the history and culture of this street. First stop was the Klang Komuter station. Located closely to the central part of Klang town, this train station is actively used by the local as one of the main public transport connecting to major areas between KL sentral, Batu Caves , Rawang and Port Klang. Originally built in 1890, we could still capture some Western colonial architecture area over here. I do know why but till today railway track always reminded me of the many craziness mischievous moment during my childhood with my siblings. It was one of the best memories I must add. :) 
Klang komuter station.
hahaha..oh well.
Both Malaysia and Selangor flag beaming with pride under the soaring sun
~time to wait is a time not to be wasted~

Next we walked along the street to check out some main attraction of Klang district which includes the Police Station, Fire Station, Sri Nagara Temple, Gedung Raja Abdullah, Chinese Kuan Im Temple, The Royal Gallery, Masjid India Muslim Tengku Kelana and finally for lunch at Little India.

Police station
Firemen boots and jackets..respect their courage to rescue life during fire
the bridge that connects
the double bridge..unique right? upper level for the cars while the bottom is for motorists
It was such a beautiful Saturday morning where I found a sense of calm and inner peace as I stepped in this Sri Nagara temple. Such colorful sight with meticulous detailed structure, same goes with Chinese Kuan Im Temple and Masjid India Muslim that never fail to take my breath away.  Although unique in its own respective belief and religion, the sign of respect is the key of harmonious over here in the bustling town of Klang.
Sri Nagara temple -colors to my soul
prayers in the morning
Majlis Perbandaran Klang
You see what I noticed about these places are that even with some renovation works, they still prefer to preserved the structure of the building as how it was built long time ago. Little India is the perfect epitome of what you get to see in India especially the street, people, decoration, colours of rangoli, traditional wear from the gorgeous sarees to accessories. If in America you have HOLLYWOOD, over here we have BOLLYWOOD influence except for Shah Rukh Khan or Rajnikant..hahaha.
Love the colorful oil lamp !
an old lady busy doing tying the flower garland

Then we were also invited with a guided tour at the Royal Gallery. Shame on me that I have passed through this place few times but never once spark in my mind to have a peek. So thanks to Tourism Selangor, finally I have the chance to learn and discover the history of our Sultan Selangor from his childhood up to his last day as the King of Malaysia. Its like a walk through the royal past! As dazzling treasure artifacts and royal collections are on display, I couldn't help myself but penetrating my brain with educative information about our former ruler almost effortlessly. Hrmm..maybe I was a princess in my past life..kekekeke 
Enchanted  for public view
education trip - our former Sultan Selangor with his son.

captivating artifacts and medallions
like a beautiful mansion, this Royal Gallery is a must visit if you want to know the history of our royal kingdom
even the guard are dressed like a colonial ancient soldier.

The Royal Gallery is open for public viewing and open from 10am-5pm (Tuesday to Sunday) Closed on Mondays and Public Holidays. Walking distance from Klang KTM station, you won't missed it. Later we head to one the biggest Chinese temple- the Kuan Yin temple.

We also managed to catch a glimpse of this amazing structure of the mosque. 
love the clouds and the structure of the mosque

Since 1928, Church of Lady Lourdes has been a  regular visit especially on Sundays for the Catholic.

Then we head for banana leaf rice lunch at the famous Archana Curry house restaurant. Deep savory chicken sambal, vegetarian mutton, stir fry cabbage with boiled egg cooked to perfection, not forgetting the curries that lure us into deep temptation when all are mixed with hot pipping rice and papadom..crunchie and yummy till we noticed our tables are quiet for a moment. haha
now where's my rice??

We were also lucky that we bumped into K.Manoharan, a prominent Malaysian lawyer and also State Assemlyman for Kota Alam Shah in Selangor State Assemby in Little India. And like finding a treasure gold at the end of a rainbow, one of the biggest sarees distributor, Gayathri's owner and Madura store's owner was there as well. And guessed what, while we are just about to be served with lunch, K.Mahoharan jokingly said that each and everyone of us will be given complimentary sarees later. Like seriously?
(from Left to right : K.Manoharan , Gayathri Silk Sarees's owner and Madura Store's owner.

so colorful and with dashing glitters
group photo

Jai Ho!
happy faces after getting free sarees~ :) 
so  happy..received one of my favorite color sarees. 
Yes guyz. all of us received complimentary sarees for being awesome bloggers..hahaha..surprise surprise..

So if you want to see a piece of every religious worship, learning the past and history of our royal kingdom, not afraid of some hot and spicy indulgence, loosen up for some Bollywood time or even just for some inspiration towards fashion, then you just have to come here! Little India, Klang will offer all the spices and masala you ever need in your life. :) 

alright what are we up to next?? just gotta wait for my next post..tataaa 

Gayathiri Silk Saaree's Palace (M) Sdn. Bhd.No. 88-90, Jalan Tengku Kelana,
41000 Klang, Selangor, D.E.
Phone No.:03-33731717
Fax No.:    03-33715190


Royal Gallery
Jalan Stesen, Klang, 41000, 
Malaysia Selangor
Phone:03-3373 6500


Merlyn said...

Thanks for the review... must visit Klang in my next trip .

Ct LiShamar said...

Nice !
great review ...
good luck devi

Unknown said...

Just too colorful! Felt like Deepavali despite CNY eve being tomorrow :)

Mama Zharfan said...

nice write up, awesome pics!!!

Badiuz said...

Totally useful and awesome entry. Now you can feel really proud to be Selangor-ian!

nabilahalias said...

Beautiful Malaysia, not many realized. Not even me ;) keep up girl!

Grace Foo said...

Wow....thanks for sharing ....really don't know klang has so many interesting places...

Yusrimau said...

Love this entry so much!

Nurul Hayati Hafiz said...

Waaaaaah grats story.....realy hebatz,good job devi :)

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diff angle from you as usual. love it.

teacherDEE said...


I am doing a research on "Preserving Vanishing Memories of Old Town Klang".
I would love to ask you some questions during your trip in Old Town Klang.
Would that be possible? I know you are not from Klang but I just want to know during your visit were you told of how people used to lived there? Other than just stories about the buildings?

Hope to hear from you soon.


Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi there delliya, i didnt have the chance to ask on how they used to live there because some of them just moved in few years ago. sorry im afraid im not able to assist. hopefully you could finish your research soon and share with us in your blog. thanks for visiting my blog.


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