Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Journey Begins- Selangor

When I first got my stint for being shortlisted as one of the 20 bloggers visiting Selangor, many of my friends have asked..."Selangor jer ker?, dekatnya" (only Selangor?, so near). Aaaaaahhhh..that's the beauty of it. You see there are times in life that we take things for granted especially when it is more closer to us. Don't be surprised that these are the places that may amaze, captivate and amuse us in its most distinctive ways. Still not convince?..well let me take you to a journey of adventures and  discovery about our very own beautiful state of Malaysia-and this is My Selangor Story Day 1.

Excited and anxious at the same time coz firstly I didnt know what to expect, secondly its a can i be not excited?? hahaa..There will be 16 Indonesians bloggers while remaining 4 are Malaysians. Alright so with an open mind, I took the public transport from Putra LRT to Komuter KLsentral to Klang on 25th Jan afternoon. Heavy downpour and my feet are drenched wet but that doesn't dampen my spirit and after sitting in air-conditioned train for almost 45 minutes, finally I arrived. There I was greeted by  Ms Cloud (our transporter) and Erika, one of the Indonesian bloggers which also my roomie. Few minutes later, Rusli- (Malaysia blogger) arrived and we are good to make our way to Premiere Hotel, Klang. 
Shines bright like a diamond - nice lobby area.
Since we are the first to arrive compare to the rest, we managed to check in and freshen up first. Premiere Hotel stood tall at a class on its own. With 250 rooms including executive rooms and suites, their  modern contemporary decor with a touch of simplicity and not forgetting rooms that cater for the disabled, I've almost forgotten that we are still in Klang, Selangor!. Infact, this 4 star business class hotel that located in Bandar Bukit Tinggi has fast becoming a popular attraction for both business and leisure among tourists and also local. With immediate access routes to Kesas Highway and Local Airport, one no need to worry about where to check in upon arrival.
Room for tonite
The small thing that matters

fresh fruits..its complimentary! :) so thoughtful

Klang has grown rapidly from the royal city and former capital of Selangor state to a city of high rise building and modernization. Easy access through public transport like the Komuter and also known for its impeccable seafood delicacies at Telok Gong or Tanjung Harapan, don't miss your next visit here. 

Bandar Bukit Tinggi Klang - rains has stopped finally
So finally about 8ish pm, all the other bloggers arrived accompanied by Ms Allison and Ms Chai. After a short briefing and ice breaking, we were then greeted by the friendly staff of Premiere Hotel for a short tour around. Rooms ranging from Superior to Deluxe up to Perdana Suite with Executive Lounge on the 18th Floor-complimentary buffet breakfast, all day refreshments and snacks!. if I stay here for solid 3 days, I think I could easily gain few pounds. haha coz the food are sinfully delicious!

time for some snacks before waiting for the rest to arrive
 The room tour begins and we were given the privilege to check out some of their gorgeous suites. 
One of the spacious suite 
Executive Lounge at 18th Floor -simply nice place to chill and relax
Sugar rush ..yummy ..sinfully delicious!
strawberries -- delightfully amazing
After dinner, Ericka and I went to their swimming pool area and enjoy the breeze while waiting for the rest to meet at the lobby later. 
wish we could have extra time to swim here..

hehehe..yours truly

group photo 
Our next itinerary would be visiting Medan Muara Ikan Bakar at Tanjung Harapan, Klang. Supposed to be a supper but I guessed the  food in our stomach from Premiere Hotel has not fully digested yet so most didn't have anymore room to feed some fresh BBQ grilled fish / seafood. But I've tried the food here before, it was nice especially sitting by the shore with cool chilling air.
supper perhaps?
you can choose your favorite fresh seafood to be grilled on the spot!

at the kitchen where the cleaning and grilling begins

what a great night view!

nice ambiance except for the karaoke session
Since we have plenty of times, I thought why not we checked out the huge sailing ship nearby that caught my eyes while we are on the way there. I get the rest to join but only Chitra followed so off we walked about  15 minutes for this: 

reminded me of Pirates of the Carribean only that Captain Jack was no where to be seen
Basically the journey exploring Klang Selangor has just begins, if you want to know more about what happened next..what for it. meanwhile you may check the video below  :
Thanks to our sponsors: Tourism Selangor and Première Hotel for a wonderful and pleasant stay! 

Bandar Bukit Tinggi 1/KS6
Jalan Langat 
41200 Klang
Tel : +60 3325 6868
Fax : +60 3325 6869


TianChad田七摄影 said...

A good start for you Devi =D Looking forward for the next post!

Ericka Abdullah said...

wewww.. you tell the truth about this hotel, and I love the way you wrote!
inspire me how to write in Good English..
good Job hahaha..

Anonymous said...

Eyyy, bagusnyaa foto-foto makananmu, Dev! bikin kangen semua makanan di Premiere, hahahaha xD

nice post, waiting for your next four (or more) posts! :D

Anonymous said...

I feel bad i didn't write much about the hotel like you did. LOL.
I think i have to start learning how to make a hotel review from you. :)

Alid Abdul said...

Aaaawww the food look delicious, great writing haha, I wish I can write as good as you :)
Salam dari Indonesia

Anonymous said...

nice post, Devi. Great hotel review :) and nice picture too

Ezna said...

wow i love all your photos :-)

Ct LiShamar said...

great review..
i really enjoy your writing..
good luck devi

Anonymous said...

this hotel is so niCe especially the swimming pool <3

Thirukumaran said...

Nice review & pictures.... waiting for the next post :)

Sunshine Kelly said...

tempted to try out medan muara ikan bakar :D

Unknown said...

great photo..and the hotel so fantastic...

Unknown said...

When we're too close to home, sometimes we do overlook these treasures that are around us. I'm from Selangor, I would know! Looks like there's more for me to explore as well :)

Winda Ibrahim said...

Super awesome comments with super wonderful places visited. Keep on writing, girl !!!

Wansteddy Tales said...

Waaa... besh betul sekali sekala memanjakan diri kat hotel grand2 macam ni :D Yang lagi grand, dessert yg disediakan nampak very d nyummmeh!

Anonymous said...

Malaysia, mmg terkenal dgn tmpt2 menarik. tgk gbr2 semua ni,buat rasa nk pg je :D

Franco said...

Greats review and thanks for highlighting the places around the hotel we can visit!

Merlyn said...

awesome trip!

mr.F said...

Great experience! Thanks for sharing :)

limyeepee said...

orang Klang said: You hit the right place! Premiere Hotel is the newest chic hotel in town. my friend held wedding reception there!
About ikan bakar muara, needless to tell, must try when you are here! did u try the kerang bakar also? :)

nurulazham said...

wahhh...terujanya tgk semua gambar2!!! great review!!!

Aishah Megahasz said...

Wow, paling terliur tengok itu dessert :D

Lobam said...

Seronoknya. Rugi saya tak hantar penyertaan dulu..

Lobam said...

Seronoknya..rugi x hantar penyeraan hari tu.

Shazila said...

Wah, bestnye... nanti nak pergi try la...

Mama Zharfan said...

waaaa beshnya!!!!!!!!! all the pics are awesome!

hlga said...

wah ini nih calon juara mss 2013
tulisannya berbobot gambarnya cakep-cakep

emang writer-traveller sejati nih si devi


Lily Riani said...

hello dearie,

i like the way you write, very personal talk like style. hehehhe..

Ramble and Wander said...

I agree with you that we tend to take things for granted if the place is closer to home :-)

I especially love the shot that you took from Muara Ikan Bakar btw. Cool one.


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