Friday, October 8, 2010


It was a contest organized by AdidasMY at their FB fanpage Here . The contest required us to choose our favorite colour of the model, then tag 7 friends and complete with a slogan. That's it. I choose purple coz i heart that colour.Over few hundreds entry was received. So i didnt expect to win. But when the PIC called me and mentioned that i was one of the winner, boy i was excited.cant wait for that gear to be mine. After some hiccup here and there, finally i received my new gear,the latest Adidas Fluid trainer. i still prefer the purple one tho. anyway since the organizer said i can't choose the colour,so i got to deal with it. But the size that i requested earlier was supposed to be size UK5 but PIC got mistaken and ordered size UK41/2. Kinda tight, but according to PIC, they have run out of size UK5. can u imagine? so i need to get my trainer to be 'expanded' later. errrr starting to like the colour..: my purple training mat :P

I think it worth almost Rm300, i cant tell on the comfortability yet until i get the shoe expanded. so till then, sabar yea. And big thanks to Adidas for choosing my entry. :)


atreyu strange said...

The shoe is so damn hottt!! omg congrats!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

yup it is. thank you. :)


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