Saturday, October 9, 2010


ADAM LAMBERT IS COMING TO MALAYSIA!!OMG!With DiGi, Always the better choice
so when,where,what and how to get those tickests?

Date: 14 October 2010 (Thursday)
Time: 8 pm
Venue: Putra Indoor Stadium, Bukit Jalil

All you have to do is write a blog post telling us what you love about Adam Lambert, and why you should win the exclusive tickets from DiGi. You may also check it out here
Adam Lambert needs no explanation. He might be 2nd for the American idol seasons 8 but we all know he is our number 1 entertainment performer. And he is rocking it harder than ever. I think it is also safe for me to say that he is the male version of Lady gaga. Girls even the boys are in love with his music if not for his high level of energy and the dynamite power that he deliver during his performance. I too love the enthusiasm of his undying passion towards music. His controversial performance simply amazing..POP with surprises and craziness. So what i love about this talented man?

He keeps all the characters alive
He can sings well and let the glass break anytime soon

He rocks the stage with deep admiration He has great taste of high fashion & that he pull it off oh so naturally. with that smile,he is melting every hard rock I deserve to win coz :

~i adore everything about Adam lambert, his unique style, distinctive voice, talented soul, the fact that he is bold enuff to admit to the whole world that he is gay..well even a real man can't admit a simple honesty.:P

~he is one of my biggest Americal idol's inspiration, the reason i started to watch American Idol..really!

~coz i keep playing his songs over and over in my ipod & the fact that I'll dance like there's no tomorrow in his concert..probably my first ever concert i'll be attending here live in Malaysia.

~I have been practising what and how to greet him should i have the chance for a MEET & GREET with the man himself..Adam lambert.

~I have prepared the most 'Glam dress' with my matching boots, mascara and thick eyeliner.

~last but not least I am one of DiGi Loyal fan..c'mon give me a break

Digi Angels please grant my wish..thank you and here a video clip of how the highly recommended signature dish of the season..Adam Lambert. i'm ready to be Glambert!

*pictures courtesy from Google search.

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