Friday, October 1, 2010

Day 3- DiGi iPhone 4 Real

What i love about DiGi Iphone4 plans?
This is pretty easy. U know why? Coz I like the number 8, brings me family consists of 8 peoples (my lovely parents and bunch of crazy and chaotic siblings of 6), we are some times very 38 (Sam pat one also) muahahaha. Anyway, not only iDiGi POSTPAID plans offer one of the most affordable rate but also one of the best. With features like iGet cheaper calls to my Friends & Family and also iGet FREE calls, SMS & MMS to my supplementary lines, life just getting breather with ease.

We can jump for joy for plans like this.
Bless u my DiGi...gone are the days of complicated plans some telco are offering.
Some are so messy..some are so sticky too..bleukkkSome even with hidden charges. Headache only. mcm ada udang di sebalik fishy But if you cant decide now which plan to choose, don’t worry, you can always choose to upgrade later, like what i did before..yeay!imagine how much i could actually save with this plan????i can now afford to hire extra bodyguards for right? oh yeah that includes Yellow man too, but he is too shy for photos. some body conscious issue .kekekeeke want them too? i meant the iDiGi Postpaid plan? :P Then you may refer to this link. Click here
or you may also add them inNow this is for REAL!

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