Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Magical Musicals Sunway Lagoon - Meeting the casts!

SWEEEET! yup that's how I would like to describe my afternoon last Saturday. I was one of the selected 10 bloggers that was invited  by All Malaysians Bloggers Project (AMBP) for a sneak peek of the Magical Musicals that will be held at Amphitheater (Sunway Lagoon) starting from 10 June 2011 onwards. Meeting the casts and witnessing 'behind the scenes' of the Magical Musicals was simply awesome as they are bursting with great vibe and energy. They were enthusiastic, friendly and most importantly really committed to show their best moves and groves plus vocals too. Come and get yourself mesmerized by the West End talents all the way from the UK!!

After getting our passes from Nicholas of AMBP, we were greeted by Loke Kah Peng, PR manager of Sunway Lagoon and lead us to The STUDIO room. Even though I had the privilege to cover for Peter Pan The Musicals last November 2010 but we never had a chance to be at the Studio room. So it was pretty cool that this time around, we were granted access to be in.
Amphitheater, Sunway lagoon is still under some major transformation for the Gala Premier
The Studio..we are 'crashing' in
warming up
I met again with David Kort and Chris Colby, the 2 pillars of the Magical musicals. We also met the main casts which includes Stevie Tate Bauer (Megan), Neil Couperthwaite (Ryan), Amanda Salmon (Stephanie), Stephen  Weller (Danny), Gareth Heesom (Josh) and LJ Neilson (Amber) plus the rest of the dancers.
Chris doing the introduction of the casts and dancers to us
They were few familiar numbers were played that includes the musicals from Grease, Hairspray, Mamma Mia, Moulin Rouge,  saturday night Fever, Dreamgirls,.Glee and even pieces from Bollywood dreams likes Jai Ho and Shakalaka too! 

dancing like you are born to do this

Neil Couperthwaite--clap clap

LJ and Amanda on a scene play where they are teasing about the Ryan had a crush on Stephanie

sizzling hot...Stevie and the male dancers..

Stephen and Stevie ..all lovey dovey for a love song

while the rest watching in silence

the guys

Shakalaka baby

Then Loke Kah Peng lead us to the stage. Suddenly I felt I was really in Times Square, NEW YORK! Yeah being in NY was simply a MAGICAL lifetime dream came true for me in 2010. Heheeh….note that BIG ASS fans were fixed for a better ventilation and so many improvement has been made since Peter Pan especially on the sound system.

The huge 'fan'
yup..awesome righ..this is part of the stage

feel like a mini Times Square here

Later we head back to the studio and we checked out some of their glamorous outfit and props. After finished interviewing them, we headed to The Lighthouse for some light refreshments.
LJ and natelie showing us their outfit

cute eh? got that from SG WANG...yup

inside the dressing room
With their best strut of pose
with Natalie and Neil. hope u will enjoy the rest of the weeks in Malaysia
The casts and the bloggers..a great combination ...hehehe
All the bloggers at the Lighthouse for some refreshment

yummy snacks..i've been craving french fries lately...so there..:P

                    So are you excited? I know I am…can’t wait!

For those who are interested, you may purchase your tickets at RED TIX.

Or If you would love to win, you may head down to this LINK or their Facebook fanpage and be on the lookout as they are giving away free tickets on different dates..let the magic began! Thank you AMBP and Sunway Lagoon for the opportunity. Hope to receive more invitation like this. :) :)


Cik Lily Putih said...

hi devi,
i cilok one of your photos tau... see u this friday...

Stephen Weller said...

Hiya. I know I'm a bit late now, but I don't think I saw this blog post before! Thanks for the nice piece and some great photos as well. At least now we are always up on the stage with some costumes, not just our rehearsal gear! :-)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi cik lily..sure not a problem...

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi Stephen,

better late than never..hahah
thanks for the compliment, the photos are great because meeting great people like yourself. yup your costumes are simply over the top..hehehe :)


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