Thursday, June 30, 2011

YTL TEMBOK BALI -admiring the sunset

Hye peeps, thanks for visiting my blog today. As promised here are some photos meeting with the local kids and people of the nearby fishing village. If you missed the earlier post, please feel free to check it out Part 1 and Part 2. Most of the kids are shy but the minute the camera were pointed at them, they are pretty ease at posing for us. The black sands are quite rough this time around, according to Fauzi (supervisor of YTL Tembok Bali) at certain months, it will turn into soft powdery liked. I love how they designed the boats here. It reminds me of creepy crawlers especially the tarantula. Hehehe..oh well maybe it was just me.

The cool design boat..almost tarantula like
These kids are so shy especially the boy, he's like freezing himself..check out his lastic..heheh
Apparently black gold can be found here..neah...
It was nice meeting friendly locals..except for the far left..he is from Paris..Coma so va?
friendly bunch of people..especially the boy in the centre with peace handsign. 'Gambar kita akan masuk MALAYSIA!!!!"
It was also very entertaining talking to these 'makcik' .her comical reaction burst laughter in the silence of that evening. She even asked if she look nice in the photo after I snapped them.
The makciks that sell some snacks
the sunset..seems like the sun shying away slowly

bye bye little sun

and the night started to penetrate the resort..the lighting seems perfect for my eyes
And there..a couple has reserved for a candlelight dinner by the poolside

Stars are less visible tonite..but it is equally beautiful as yesterday

the entrance with bamboo trees..very ZEN

The BUDDHA heads decor
Honestly I am the type that love to have so many activities/things to do in my travel list, but i came to realize that sometime we just need to slow down and back to basics while be in awe of the beauty surround us. I guessed YTL TEMBOK Bali has it own distinctive aura that we could only feel once we are there. Don't trust me? well..come here for yourself to believe it.

Oh ya, im not done with the post of the whole trip yet, and no im not trying to create any sequel like the harry porter series either. So wait for my next post for more of Tembok Bali that has capture my heart curiously!

p/s: This trip was made possible by Guardian Malaysia & YTL Tembok Bali 


lily said...


I come to visit you blog naka. ^-^

Mama Zharfan said...

awesome :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi lily,


thank you. visited yours too.

suzie -yup this place simply awesome


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