Friday, August 27, 2010

Sudah potong?

Ahem Ahem, finally the result for the twitpic contest was announced. And wohooooo..oh yeah... im one of the lucky winners. I guessed putting some extra effort does get rewarded handsomely..:P THANk YOU P1 W1max!!!.received a call from them for an invite to attend a simple prize giving from P1 W1Max Chief Operating Offier (COO) himself, En Idham Nawawi. so went to GreenPacket building during my lunch hour to collect my netbook. I still didnt know what brand of netbook would i be getting. surprises is nice.
The helpful management of P1 were helping us to fill up the registration form for the broadbandFresh from the box...aaahhh...nice smell...i like it!Receiving my netbook from En Idham Nawawi (Chief Operating Officer). The winners, Lil Devil, Mabel and Jesmie with En Idham Group pic with the helpful staff, Alvin & Cynthia. center are Mabel, Lil Devil, Jesmie
This brand new MSI U135 netbook is really cool. with built in fan, i definately dont hv to worry if its get overheated. generally i feel that this netbook is lighter than other type. So making it a convenient whenever i wish to travel. On top of that, P1W1 was kind enuff to actually give us 1 month free usage of their 4G Broadband READY in the given laptop. You heard me right, no external usb modem bulging out form the netbook while u browse the net. Neat eh? Boy i was delighted,coz for the record, i have never sign up with any broadband before (psss...sometimes i received unsecured wireless..hahaha...freeloader). so imagine with this came along, i probably will be online even during the nights /weekends searching for CONTEST! hahaha. I must admit, the line are pretty good as im staying at the 14th floor. And most probably i will continue with P1W1 after that 1 month duration. its only RM49 per month. So sudah potong ke?
Join them at FACEBOOK and TWITTER..who knows you might be the next lucky winner. Btw, there are plenty promotion updated, so add them now.

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