Wednesday, August 25, 2010

My Simple Tips in Life

Aaaaahhh...sound SIMPLE, right? well..not quite...i've been participating their weekly contests in Facebook of which 1 winner will walk away with RM200 for best tips. But i failed miserably, so i continue joining to aim for their Grand contest giveaway instead. First i was thinking of just sending a photo, then i got 'brain freeze' on how and what to include in.

So just few days before the contest ends, (procrastination has been my worst friend), exactly at 11pm on 29 July2010, suddenly i was inspired. You know the strange feeling and thoughts that keep running at the back of your mind while u r smirking to yourself? well, mayb it was just me. So i took out my recycle bag filled with all those pieces of some might say piece of trash. And as i was drawing, cutting, colouring and finally finishing that 3D pop art card pasted onto an old chinese new year card from my associates, the time is ticking so quickly. Gulp. It was already 3.00am.

Finally, with my trusted Lil Bubu, a tripod, my lappie and all those pieces of my so called masterpieces was placed in their designated spots for a musical broadway. Ahaks..Action take 1, opps...the water spilled..Take 2...oppsss..i forgot my spongebob..Deep breath with my sleepy eyes not helping, i try for Take 3...Done.. And this is my video entry that ive created. finally finished at 4am..

dont laugh or sigh..i know it might not be an HD or poor audio quality or the whole thing. I need to start learning how to edit a video..:P Lil Bubu is an old Fujifilm digital camera that i won from Astro Hunt contest at Genting few years ago. Anyway im glad that my simple tips in life video finally earned me the Grand prize of RM1k.!! wohooo...Thank you Simple Skincare and DJ Serena C for appreciating my video..

Feel free to add Simple Skincare at Facebook and Twitter. You never know what other exciting line up is coming. Beside that you may also feel free to ask for tips on skincare, their prompt reply will keep you at ease..


atreyu strange said...

Congrats babe! You sure deserve it. :)

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks babe...:)


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