Thursday, August 12, 2010


Tongue in CHic a.k.a TIC has just turned 2. And in return, they are giving away awesome prizes in the whole month of August 2010. Such a darling baby, right?.Click here for more details. I've been reading their blog & also a follower at their FACEBOOK and TWITTER since they were 1. Love the constant fashion updates and also of course the CONTEST..well speaking of contest, just so u know,i joined their 1st day of giveaway contest..hehehe...kiasu right? well the main reason i joined coz i sincerely want to thank them for being a such good sport.. i meant look at all the events/contests that they have been organizing/giving. I know that alone has been causing major stress and taken a lot of the staff off-days. So in return of their hard work and effort, i was thinking of making them a 3D pop art birthday card.Besides, i love making the 3D pop art card as well. And is always nice to share, so let me show u how to make one..

Draw the outline with a transparent paper..use ur imagination. you may draw anything that is symetrical

Then carefully cut out the outline. as for me, i tried to make extra at one go, so i placed 2 soft card under the transparent paper instead of 1.that way i will have 2 card once finish.hehehehe

Then combine the left and right part by fixing the centre piece..kinda tricky at first

Tadaaaaa...done...but also check whether it is foldable

You may also opt to cut the corner of the pieces like an semi circle.Then paste the whole piece onto a recycle coloured card with glue. leave it to dry.

For the cover, you may reuse wrapping paper and paste on it. Alternatively, you may also make a collage. Sky's the be creative

Then, start drawing on the piece of the white 'butterfly' using colour pencils, crayons or water colours or even marker pens.

Once done, try folding the card and see if the 'butterfly' come to life!

Voila..Spread your wings and Fly!

Reading about how they like it, simply made my day too..hehehe. Check it out here Thank you!

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