Thursday, August 5, 2010

Meet & Greet -CUCI the MUSICAL 2

25/7/10 POS MALAYSIA has selected my 'cuci' (or also known as wash in English) photo for a CUCI MACAM SAYA photo contest recently. So as one of the GP winner, I had a chance to meet & greet with the cast/ crew of CUCI the musical 2 at Istana Budaya. Didn't manage to watch their 1st musical but i heard it was good (rating from the public before), so i thought why not just join this time. Not only i could have photo opportunities with some of the funniest actors but also watch their play on theater. So as we arrived Istana Budaya (fashionably late), 1 of the POS Malaysia staff was already calling me as they are about to start the prize giving ceremony. Then, as I signed my attendance at the registration counter, the MC announced to every member of the floor to gather close to the foyer for a short briefing by the P-I-C(person in charge) from POS Malaysia. Soon after the briefing ended, as they played the CUCI musical theme song, suddenly all the cast make their appearances by walking out from the theater room and coming down through the stairs. Nabil (Raja lawak@ Hilarious King) can’t help himself but tried to glide from the side of the steps which he failed & leaving everyone break the tense with laughter nonetheless. Most of them are there except for Awie as he need to attend another function in Sabah.
The Grand Entree of Istana BUdaya
Briefing by the person in charge from POS MALAYSIA
The bunting (can see them all along Jalan Pahang & Tun Razak too)
Lil Bubu videotaping the CUCI musical cast
Short introduction and brief about the musical
My prize..hehehe from Harith Iskandarwith POS malaysia staff. nice uniformGroup photos with 2 of the cute and bubbly actors (Harith & Afdlin Shauki)with Hans Isaac with one of the probably most beautiful Gadis Melayu terakhir i've ever seen, Vanida Imran with Yasmeen
Nabil @Raja Lawak and Jaclyn Victor (the powerful singer from Malaysia Idol)
It was also a nice occasion as I managed to finally meet up with some of the compers that we usually communicate via fb or
POS Malaysia was kind enough to also prepare some food and drinks plus printed all the winner’s photos for display. This are mine.
And yeah..can’t wait to watch the musical on 1 August 2010. prepared to be ‘CUCI’–ed!


Ouled Kenitra said...

could you plase mal me the group photo pic (at the staircase), I really appreciate that.

my e-mail

the kain pelekat guy

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi, emailed the pictures already. :)


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