Friday, August 13, 2010

On the Run Moments - Esso Photo contest

Some thing caught my eyes few months ago while i did my contest hunting. "With a minimum spend of RM10 at any Esso or Mobil service station, you’re entitled to take part in our photo contest and win cash rewards. Just capture the memorable moments with your camera, submit your completed entry form to any participating Esso station and email your photos to It’s that simple!"

The contest link are here .

So on March 27, I went to the nearest Esso Station thinking that it was under Esso Wangsa Maju, but nothing special happening there. Just the usual pam attendants and cars scenario. Hrmm... my plan B was to check out Esso Sri Rampai. Upon reaching there, i saw this huge helium balloon hanging by a rope. Then there are balloons, colourful bunting and displays plus people were swarming the area. Aaaa...i thought to myself.. i just came to the right place and it wasn't a joke after all. :P. So with my Rebel and a little dose of faith and hope, i went to this sweet lady for some enquiries. After purchase some drinks and snacks, i handover the receipt to her and fill up a form. I have no clue what to snap, but as i slowly adapt myself to the new environment, i think im on the right phase. Then came along this school girls (just after their sports training), i requested them to show some happy moments eg jumping or laughing together. Most of them are shy but i managed to snap a few. Then i passed them the drinks and snacks that i bought earlier. I must then submit 3 best photos that depicts the theme by next Monday before 5pm. Was kinda blur and just try my luck so i submitted 3 as follows :

The sweet lady that help a lot of ongoers asking about the contest
3 generations - vintage
Happy kidsFew months later, finally i received a call and i was shocked to know I was the GP winner of that week..Prize ceremony at ExxonMobil with lunch served.
En Farid gave us some explanation on how the photos were chosen. A long process of evaluation and elimination not forgetting of creativity & theme was taken into consideration. 2 of my photos was on the screen (bottom)...weeeeeeWhile waiting for others to arriveaccepting my RM300 worth of Parkson voucher from Ms FaridahAll the weekly GP winners They also gave us a wooven goodie bag. Thank you Esso Mobil!

Great excuse to shop for myself. i hardly shop unless its necessary. So now its probably the right time.

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