Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Guilin- Mountains of Serendipity

Destination- = Guilin/Yanshou/Lipu, China
Flight- AirAsia (0 Fare) = RM147 (return, Airport tax=RM67 + Admin fee=RM80)
4D/3N package (MATTA Fair) = [insanely CHEAP] RM290
What does it cover?=Food+Accommodation+tour+access fee+visa+tipping+service charge+Amazing Liu San Jie Show+great friends+serene places+peaceful days..ahaks
When = winter 2010 (January 6 - 9) it's freaking cold.

This is one of the destination that i dont have to do anything, i mean from research, visa application, itinerary, booking or reservation, transportation, food or even accommodation after i paid the amount above. Sounds good to be true, right? But yes, it was. How often do i get this kinda opportunity? not quite but honestly i was a bit skeptical at first. Imagine paying that much amount and getting the fullboard package from MATTA fair, that alone already an unbelievable deal. But i paid RM50 as deposit during MATTA fair and paid the full amount once i got my AA ticket.

I'm amazed how they could squeeze so many things for that price. It was insane. I have prepared myself for the worse before embark my journey there so that my disappointment level will not be a negative if things go wrong. Anyway, i really enjoyed the whole journey (even for a short one), to a majestic place with natural beauty in abundance - i would like to call it as Mountains of Serendipity - a nature wonder = GUILIN, CHINA.

Our tour guide, speaks English, helpful and love to joke around too. Was lucky to join with a group of nice and friendly people in this trip. The hotels we stayed was excellent. hehehe...coz i normally searched for backpackers lodge/guesthouse for my trip. No complain on the food, 8 to 9 delicious dishes on the table for each meals. they fed us well. But i opt for non-pork. :P . The coach brought us to tourist spot attraction around with ease, pick up right in front of the hotel each time. Talk about convenience.
I leave some pictures for your viewing pleasure for now. Will blog about it with details of the itinerary later..
Guilin Airport
I felt like i was sent to a shooting scene from typical Chinese classic drama on tv. Unreal but the mountains surround is simply fascinating. Im a mountains person. so cant help it of the euphoria im drowning into.
The town..little traffic
The hotel lobby. nice chandelier
spacious and clean
Taizi Hotel
Clean bathroom slide the curtain and this is what i saw...OMG.. Moutains and mountains....nice Our first tour to Elephant Trunk cave. can u spot it? this kiddo is simply so cute. beanie hat and winter wear peacock...katy perry's latest inspiration single. either this monkey was so itchy or mayb it was part of his performance routine
pagoda on the hill freaking cold
You may check with the Tour agent if u plan to visit GUILIN with the details as below:
Pelancongan Malinja Sdn Bhd, Lot 2.07-Lot 2.09, 2nd Floor , Shaw Parade, Changkat Thambi Dollah, 51100 KL. Tel: 03-2148 2788
*the package offer might differ from the one that i managed to grab so dont go screaming at them. haha


Kirigalpoththa said...

Looks like a place in fairy tales!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

yes it is..especially the scenic mountains and caves.


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