Thursday, December 2, 2010

Audition at TV3 for Pantene 14 days Challenge

Good morning everyone! Hehehe...thanks to Ayu Rafikah for telling me about the competition on Pantene 14 days Challenge. All i need to do was to buy Pantene products for more than RM10 at Giant and sent in a photo with a slogan at TV3 website. it was just nice as i submitted on 22 November 2010 where the contest ended on 25 November 2010. Just give it a try as what i read from the terms and condition this could be fun. Selected candidates will be called for audition where all of them will be judged by P&G & TV3 representative. Then only 14 finalists will be chosen to take up the challenge where they need to blog about the condition of their hair daily from 1-14 December 2010 together with a photo.

Then on 25 November 2010, i received a call from Nana of TV3 that i need to attend an audition on 27 November 2010. And i need to wear a white top, heels, jeans and some gold accessories. Rush to get white top and some gold accessories as i dont have one. :P So that Saturday morning, about 810 am, i was already at Tv3 Damansara. Only 4 girls was there. We waited almost 30 minutes before Rina (PIC) came and all of us were escorted by 2 vans to a mansion somewhere in Cheras.

The waiting moment
ice breaking-getting to know each other while we waiting for our name to be called for audition
It was a long ride and boy i was sleepy and hungry. Anyway upon reaching there, we were given a cue to be auditioned individually. So waiting and waiting...mine you it was nerve wrecking and i could feel butterflies in my stomach. Finally it was my turn. I went in, did some introduction about myself, answering some questions about Pantene and did the catwalk. Then it was a nail bitting moment as we still need to wait on who will be chosen as the 14 finalist. there were 21 of us came for the audition.

Snap snap ya'llWhile waiting for result..camwhore
Shasha (former elite group) and I. she participated too
Almost half day passed by, and finally the result is out. We were called to come in to the studio room and Ryan (another PIC) called upon the names one by one. I was already giving up hope until when i realized they mentioned 'Devi' but it doesn't occurred to me that he was calling my name. absurd right? i thought it was someone else name. duh? Everyone start staring at me and then only i came forward feeling relieved and shocked. :)

As the reps from P&G congratulated us, it was almost 1pm already. So we were treated McD for lunch and the make up artist arrived. All 14 of us will be dolled up for the next session...

hrrmm..wait again..:Pyup you got that right..Photo shoot. The shot was done in a group of 3 or 4 and also individually. That was fun coz i love to pose in front of camera..hahaha
Im ready..
group of 3 shot, with Ash and Khalisha
Nina, Connie & adibah
Then finally we were told there would be a video shoot as well..omg..i think i did mine pretty fake-ly..:P happy i got selected and excited to blog and update the condition of my hair daily from 1-14 December 2010. So wish me luck!

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