Friday, December 31, 2010

2010 Curtain falls, Hello 2011!

So fast time flies eh? 365 days has just passed like the blink of an eye...well literally.There were many bittersweet memories and challenges i've been through this year. It wasn't all bed of roses lying on my piece of life. Nonetheless it was a roller-coaster ride for my most rewarding passion i've deeply love and adore--yes you got it right..contest/competition and traveling. It's not how much you earn, its not how many countries you visited, or even its not how much designer brand you've own, but its the self satisfaction to my soul that put a smile on my face and a little small light that brighten my darkest sorrow each time. Definitely a money cant buy experience of my lifetime.

Our life is like a contest. Sometimes we tried so hard, but we didnt get it, at times when we put the least effort, and voila..we own it. but at the end of the day, i always believe that "if its meant for u, then it will definitely be yours". so dont push urself so hard, until you not only lose everything but you start losing yourself as well..

competition running high, so dont let the motivation running low. be glad that the passion is still burning. have faith, coz eventually good things will come when u least expected.but that doesnt mean you should not dream bout it..coz it all started with a DREAM...oh yeahhhhh..

2010 has been one of the BEST & probably also the WORST year of my life. Indeed...another year i've survived and its really feel good to be alive. How could i forget the moments when i finally land my foot on my every dream destination wishlist like PARIS, AMSTERDAM, NEW YORK & JAPAN. Each day is a learning process and winning is not everything..but to earn it by our own effort (by all means not by cheating,plagiarism, bias) is the greatest respect oneself could achieve.

pic taken at Amsterdam, Holland

Step forward! 2011 is approaching...the road might be against you at times, but always remember that life do move on beautifully... eventually. So stay focus, keep that phase/dream going & finally give out your very best!

signing off..Lil Devil will be quiet as the church mouse (Peter griffin's line) in 2011 ..u think so? we'll see..we'll see..

Wishing everyone a very happy NEW YEAR 2011.

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