Sunday, December 5, 2010

Day 5-Pantene 14 days Challenge (Perfection)

Today is a lovely day with the sun shinning bright in the sky..almost perfect.Woke up early..kinda unusual to me especially on a Sunday.But i have some errands to do and time is running out. Today's topic was about Perfect hair to me. So there you goes..

My Day 5 of the Pantene 14 days Challenge's entry.can check it out HERE too

It was a busy day, as you aware i need to update my blog with a new photo before 12pm daily.So I normally get this done first thing in the morning, beside I'm enjoying it too coz i really pay a lot of attention towards myself which it was lacking at times. After lunch straight to Berjaya Times Square for Christmas's event. Then head to Sg Wang to search for a white dress, gold accessories and heels. Searched high and low, i think finally managed to grab those items. This is for the Press Conference that will be held on the 9th December 2010. Theme was white and go figure.

The white dress

The heels.. And finally the bangleGuess how much?

nyehh heh heheeh...i buy what i like, i like what i bought.


Sunshine Kelly said...

i like yr white dress, very feminine. may i know where can i find/buy it. thanks :D

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi sunshine kelly. i bought it at some random shop in Sungai Wang, Bukit Bintang. this is the last piece selling at RM30.

Sunshine Kelly said...

thanks for the infor devi :D


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