Monday, December 13, 2010

Day 10-13 of Pantene 14 days Challenge

It has been a busy week for me,not to mention hectic and also pretty stressful. i've been having sleepless nights..dunno having insomnia i guess..i think panda can be my best friends because lack of sleep. Woots! tomorrow will be the finale before i walk on a red carpet for the Anugerah Skrin 2010 happening on 24 December 2010.. Anyway..i decided to upload 4 photos at a go under the Pantene 14 days of challenge. coz i'll be updating other entry on what had happened last weekend. Yup.I was selected as one shortlisted winners under Tech Your Pic under the Photo contest (so i attended the prize giving ceremony..wait..i'll let u know what rank & prize i've won, i also made a reservation for my parents at Hotel Maya which i won from NST contest few months ago (so finally have the chance to put it to good use) and last but not the least it was my brother's engagement with his longtime gf..12 years of dating to be i was surprised..

Fuh..and these are the snapshot of my daily blog under the Pantene 14 days Challenge. it's finally coming to its end..relief? oh yeah..but im definitely going to miss this too..oh well...enjoy!

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