Saturday, July 23, 2011

Doubletree By Hilton 'Ground Tour'

The vibe has been widely spread all over Twitter, Facebook and across Klang Valley. It was like an epidemic but with good disease discovered. Everyone get addicted to earn themselves a room stay or at least a chance to dine in at their famous Makan Kitchen. Yes!!..if you're already infected, by now you should know what I'm referring to. It is none other than the DoubleTree by Hilton 1st Birthday Bash giveaway. The cute mascot cookie walking around KL city with their dance crew are pretty hype up. Finally I managed to catch up with them earlier today at Sg. Wang. Surprisingly there wasn't much crowd like what I have seen from the pictures for other locations.  But it was still happening!
Walk of Fame
Let's stalk Doubletree mascot
They started with an energetic dance routine from Jennifer Lopez latest single "Dance on the floor", followed by David Gueta "Love is Gone" and last but not least the Birthday jingle that lasts for almost close to 5 minutes. I'll try to upload the video later as the line are pretty slow at this moment.
Pom Pom and dance music burst with delight at the entrance of Sg Wang Plaza
They were searching for Doubletree cookie mascot
What an entertaining treat for all of us here today!
Finally it arrived
Dance cookie dance
Cutey! Happy 1st Birthday!
After the dance routine ended, the dance crew coming walking around and passing the warm chocolate chip cookies packaged to the public. Then they advise us to make a line before asking question based on DoubleTree and then you will received either room stays or makan kitchen buffet voucher. Simple as that!
The Line..pretty surprise as I was expecting it will be crowed
Don't worry I have another 11 vouchers to be given away
The signature chocolate chip cookies..yummy
Awesome bunch of people
The dance crew were energetic, enthusiastic, entertaining and friendly. Thumbs up for the great job guyz!
Makan Kitchen voucher
So yeah I got myself the makan kitchen voucher.Woots! The room stay I got it from twitter contest on the first day itself..:P Now I can plan to have another chill weekend stay soon at this really cool hotel. Stayed here before for the EPL Masters Footballers few months ago, you may check it out HERE. Be sure to 'like' them in FACEBOOK or follow them at TWITTER to win some of the goodies yourself or you can even give it away to your family/friends. As the Birthday Bash giveaway will be until 5 August 2011, make sure you don't miss this awesome treat. And before I forget, HAPPY 1st Birthday Doubletree!


Mama Zharfan said...

congrats devi!

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

thanks suzi.. :)

Jessying said...

wow u so lucky!! i also wan room stay and makan voucher

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi jessy,

thank you. hehe.. the giveaway for makan kitchen and room stays still open till 5 August 11. like them on facebook and wish u all the best. sure can score one.

Wansteddy Tales said...

menariknya tgk poket seluar maskot tu, siap simpan henset dlm kocek! ahhahah... ke situ pula wan tgk kukuku... Tahniah Devi! Bangga dgn prestasi Devi bab comping arena ni :D

Devi da Lil' DeviL said...

hi wan,

tulah..i pun tak sedar pasal kocek maskot tu. hahaha..masih banyak lagi saya kena belajar..u pun hebat!


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